Testing noise is no joke

EDITOR – At long last it is not just us, the RATS who are complaining about the noise nuisance from Faldingworth. Thanks Ashleigh Frost for your comments in the Rasen Mail.

As Mr Chris Allen from WLDC has put it, it is all about the balance between Faldingworth Defence being allowed to make the noise and the local people who have to listen to it – some balance; they blow things up, we listen.

We would like to thank WLDC as it has commissioned an independent technical noise report and in it Faldingworth Defence is allowed to operate up to 115db, but it gets all the way up 130db as on WLDC website – some balancing act.

WLDC has also sought specialist legal advice.

We, as RATS, have asked for a copy under the Freedom of Information Act, but in the reply they have refused and said it is not in the public interest.

Hey, we are the public and we do have an interest, so we would like a copy. Not only that; as council tax payers we have paid for it, so we would like a copy.

Almost three years ago WLDC put in writing that we would have a full-time monitoring station. They still come to my house and plug in the monitoring station into my electric, but do not use the information they get from it as you can tell Fauldingworth Defence are still operating over and above the agreed limit as laid down in the report; so, a waste of taxpayers’ money and my electric.

If you are happy with the noise keep very quiet, but if you, like me, think we should not have to put up with it then make a loud noise about it.

We as RATS would like to talk to the local government ombudsman and find out how local he is.

I bet he is not so local he has to put up with the noise.

Kevin Washington

By email