Tesco traffic would help to clog up route through town

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EDITOR – The proposed new expanded Tesco store in Brigg will have a significant effect on road traffic through Brigg along Barnard Avenue, affecting everyone who travels through Brigg for any reason.

It is the only route through Brigg because of the River Ancholme crossing, so serious congestion will be a major problem to the whole surrounding area.

At present Barnard Avenue is a very busy road with an average of 16,121 vehicles using the road between 0700 and 1900 hours daily (North Lincolnshire Traffic Survey 2009).

The road currently experiences serious congestion at peak times with significant delays and tailbacks.

In Tesco’s proposal they claim that the new store will attract an additional 6,000 shoppers per week, an increase of 27 per cent.

However, they also claim the turnover in the new store will increase from £19.5 m to £37.3m, an increase of £17.8m – some 91 per cent.

This huge increase in turnover suggests that the number of additional shoppers will not increase by a mere 27 per cent, but something in the order of 75 per cent.

Despite some alterations to Tesco’s original plans, BATLE believe that the increased number of shoppers will be at least double those forecast and this will create traffic chaos with the junctions being loaded to well over 100 per cent capacity.

Given the increased traffic it could also pose a serious problem for emergency services and their ability to respond rapidly.

The last Tesco development in the Scunthorpe area, namely the new Tesco Extra store at Glanford Park, should be a lesson to the council planners not to base any trust in Tesco projections of the numbers of shoppers or associated traffic projections.

We don’t want the same problems of congestion being repeated in Brigg.

Brigg Against Tesco and Lidl Expansion (BATLE)