Tesco still have options available

THE chairman of Horncastle’s Town Plan Action Group, Richard Barker, wrote for a second time in August to Tesco’s chief executive to request a meeting to discuss the supermarket’s future in the town.

Tesco’s response and Mr Barker’s response to Tesco are printed below.

Dear Mr Barker

Thank you for your letter of August 19 to Philip Clark.

I am responding on his behalf.

We are of course disappointed with the council’s decision to refuse our application to build a new store in Horncastle.

However, we still have options open to us and we must now consider all of these before we decide how to proceed.

I would of course be delighted to hear your views and those of the Town Plan Action Group and to discuss your ideas further.

If you think this would be useful do let me know and we could arrange to meet next time I am in the Horncastle area.


Tesco Corporate Affairs Manager

Mr Barker’s response.

I am in receipt of your letter of the August 26 2011.

The Town Plan Action Group are surprised that you have been asked to respond on behalf of the CEO, but we are grateful for your response.

The views of the TPAG, Horncastle Town Council, civic society and the Chamber of Commerce and most importantly the overwhelming majority of the people of Horncastle are well rehearsed and were restated at the planning meeting on the 18 August.

No doubt Ben Pilgrim can debrief you as to what transpired at the meeting as your company did not present any case in support of the application.

Residents are unanimous in their aspirations for the future of this historic market town and very clear how Tesco can work in partnership to make a positive contribution.

If your company are mindful to enter into a meaningful discussion we are happy to hear when you would wish to attend at a venue and date to suit you.