Tesco should sell more local produce

EDITOR – I write regarding your feature: ‘Delicious offerings on your doorstep’.

I couldn’t agree more with its message to shop locally. I celebrate our good fortune, living as we do in a beautiful rural area where local farmers and small businesses are working hard to diversify, while producing first class food products.

However, I am sure I am not alone is also finding supermarkets a great convenience.

So it is a crying shame that our own local Tesco, surrounded by the bounty of our countryside, does not do more to support and represent it.

Try looking for British lamb; a pitiful selection is tucked below the acres of New Zealand lamb.

Or try buying a humble cauliflower; again, you have to search to find one UK (let alone Lincolnshire) grown.

So come on, Tesco, how about reflecting your local community as well as supporting hard-pressed British farmers through your stock?

Jane Rylands-Bolton