Tell us where the holes are

EDITOR – With reference to the article on the front page of the paper last week about the pothole at the busy crossing, I’d like to reassure people that this pothole formed after repairs to the road carried out by a utility company failed, rather than as a result of extreme weather conditions.

Potholes like this are thankfully relatively infrequent, but fail in a short space of time, and this one was repaired as soon as we became aware of it.

The utility company will be picking up the bill for the permanent repairs – it won’t come out of taxpayers’ money.

To keep the road network in a safe condition, we respond to pothole reports in priority order with temporary repairs when necessary, as with this case. In general we tackle the worst potholes first, but if you do spot any, then please let us know. We do carry out regular inspections to log those we find, and instigate remedial action according to the risk and priorities, but there could be others we’re not yet aware of.

Road defects can be reported online at or call 01522 782070.

Steve Wiles

Area highways manager at Lincolnshire County Council