Tarnish for proud Lincs Police force

EDITOR – Once again the hand of filth has tarnished the good name of Caistor, only this time in the form of PCSO Alan Rosser, who in his line of duty was looked upon people like myself as a man who always carried a welcome smile and a time for a chat and a laugh.

And yet today I read the headline on the front page of our Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday, June 27, 2012, “PORN CASE SHAME OF TOWN PCSO” and a photograph to boot with him grinning away like the proverbial Cheshire cat while hiding his sick desire for porn.

In which we read him being charged with eight counts of having extreme pornographic images and six counts of having indecent photo’s of children.

And as I shake my head in bewilderment and utter disgust for this obscene low life who took me in hook line and sinker and this now poor excuse of a man should be locked away for a good length of time and given the treatment these sort of people need.

For let us all never forget that while there is always at least one bad and rotten apple in that barrel you can sing the praises of those other remaining 99.9% of our men and women who while serving in the police force wear their uniform with immense pride and do a job that’s second to none.

Nino Hoblyn