Take note and follow Lennon’s example

EDITOR – After reading the dilemma that the composer David Humpage finds himself in with the explosive testing at a former MOD site (Peace protest, Market Rasen Mail, Wed, Feb 22, 2012).

Two questions arise from the story that graced the front page, the first being, in his blind haste to rectify this problem, an option is to withhold his council tax – which, as everyone knows who has gone to this extreme measure, results in a big fine, a police record, prison term and the loss of prized and treasured chattels.

Secondly, as rumour goes, Mr David H could take the very same direction as the late, great John Lennon when residing close to the live firing army tank range at Salisbury Plain back in 1969; one particular night’s exercise of ferocious noise led him to pen the hit single Give Peace A Chance.

So! Make hay Mr D H before the Sounds of Silence.

Nino Hoblyn