Table Tennis - A great way to get in shape

As I stood aghast looking at my rotund figure reflected in the mirror, I thought to myself, “I have to do something about this”.

I knew I needed some level of activity, but, in my seventy-first year, I realised that this could not be something over strenuous.

Recalling that in my youth I used to play Table Tennis regularly at Boy’s Club level I was eager to find somewhere in the local area where I could give it another go.

Having become aware that Market Rasen Table Tennis Club are currently working hard to encourage those of us of limited ability who wish to enjoy the game at a more social level I decided to make some enquiries.

I arrived at my first Club meeting along with a couple of others I had encouraged to attend and was delighted to be welcomed with open arms as a new member of the club.

Of necessity the senior members take the game very seriously but at the same time are far from condescending in their approach to the less talented with whom they are happy to be involved with and encouraging.

The reason for my submission to the local paper is to encourage the formation of a group of players with similar ability to myself who are able to give each other, “A GAME”.

The Club meets on a Thursday at De Aston Sports Centre in the gymnasium and play commences around 19.00hrs.

I am hopeful that my letter may stir up a level of interest in the community and that there may be an increase in attendance. Please come along.

If anyone requires further information this can be otained from Sylvia Taylor - Telephone Number 01673 844655

Stuart Hogg

Market Rasen