Switch on lights... be seen and be safer on our roads

EDITOR – Listening to the radio daily, I notice a lot of road accidents occur every week, every day.

Too many. Too many people get injured, or worse.

Do you want to help to make Lincolnshire’s roads safer? Use the switch.

Which switch? The light-switch. Put on your car lights 24/7.

Do you realize an object is more easily noticed when having lights on? A car with its lights on (not dim lights, proper headlights) can already be noticed from a distance.

Also during the day. You can check it yourself; have a glance at the road and think of what you remember having seen.

It will not be the road-users without lights or the dim-lit vehicles, but you surely remember having seen those clear dots, the headlights.

Dim lights are invisible; one can only notice these when close up.

Lights are not only to see the road yourself, but more importantly to be seen (that is why we also have breaklights and direction indicators, to inform others what we are going to do).

Using the switch to put our lights on, one can also easy determine if it is safe to overtake; we know if an object is driving in front of us or approaching, red lights or white lights.

I am sure that if we use the switch every time we use our vehicle, the number of accidents on our roads will decrease.

Use your switch, your lights, 24/7; they also have a function during the day.

Some claim lights are blinding. If this would be so, I almost believe it would be dangerous driving when it is dark, as we are then blinding each other. Properly set headlights are NOT blinding.

Think of this story when entering your car, truck or getting on your bike (motorbike and bicycle).

Make it easier to be noticed by others. Use the switch. Drive with your lights on.

Make a habit of it; start your engine, switch on the lights, seatbelts and we are ready to go.

Pass the word on. We can make our county’s roads safer together.

Henri Levison

Address supplied