Such care was top drawer

I would like to praise all the staff and management at Market Rasen Racecourse, who did excel themselves at the meeting on October 5.

A friend of mine, a retired postman from Brigg, and his friend decided to have a day at the races; unfortunately, his friend had a heart attack upon arrival.

The racecourse officials sprang into overdrive, with the paramedics working on him for 20 minutes, before he was taken to Lincoln Hospital. He is now in a stable condition.

My friend told me the management were outstanding.

When they found out he was on his own (as he had gone to the races in his friend’s car), he was whisked away to the board room; the management gave him lunch, and even took his bet for him to the bookmakers.

Everyone looked after him all day, and kept updating him on his friend’s well being by continuously getting news on his health.

In my friend’s words, he never had to lift a finger and, to top it all, one of the officials, Colin Booth, kindly brought my friend back home to Brigg in his car after he had his days racing.

A big thank you to all the staff and management who participated in making him as comfortable as you all did.

I was quite taken aback when he told me and it’s nice to know you will be looked after no matter what the circumstances are at the races.

The care, kindness, empathy and respect which was shown to my friend was more than outstanding.

It’s not very often we have the pleasure of writing this type of letter these days. You all have a rare quality – the racing fraternity should be proud of you all.

S.W. McCaw

by email