Stop handing out aid

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EDITOR – Proposed tougher action to deter and punish rioters and looters has been welcomed by UKIP.

But I have serious doubts about how it will be enforced.

We all know that police forces are suffering staffing cuts, magistrates courts are being closed and judges and magistrates are under pressure not to send people to jail.

“So are all those cuts to be reversed to enable David Cameron’s tough words to be given life? said Mr Bloom, UKIP Euro MP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

There will have to be some urgent reversals of the Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill to enable tougher sentencing, there is already a Tory rebellion fermenting.

We are living in extremely difficult financial times but robust action must be taken. The budget for police forces has been cut by a quarter while the foreign aid budget has been increased.

If we stopped handing over taxpayers cash in foreign aid and the £48million a day we give to the EU we would have the necessary funds to try to address the urgent problems facing our country.

Godfrey Bloom

MEP for Market Rasen