Still have questions for MR BIG

Congratulations on the number of letters on the readers’ page. I think it is really important to show the opinions of the local residents.

I found the letter from “a frustrated local shopper” especially relevant, and mirrored several of my views.

It was entitled “Mr Big Query/Answers please” and dealt quite concisely with some of the problems. After all there is only so much local marmalade and jam we can eat. Also I do not want to eat kangaroo, alligator or elephant, but long for a hot cup of tea or coffee from our local tea man, especially on a Saturday in November when it is cold and wet.

However, it appeared that he has been banned from the Mr Big markets.

Are they now dictating who can appear on their markets? I thought that the market was open to all traders, or do they have to belong to the Mr Big club?

Some of this reminds me of how Hitler came to power.

I asked a question about this at the last Council meeting on Wednesday 7th November. Councillor Steve Bunney answered that this only applied to Mr Big markets and our local refreshment man was free to come to any of the other markets run by the council. When questioned further, he said that was all he was prepared to say.

I find this strange, as there appears some question over the legality of Mr Big’s behaviour. He is again acting as Big Brother and overriding the wishes of the real locals. I would have thought that the council at least would publicly support our local stallholder.

He has supported the market through the very thin times and deserves the full backing of the council.

I would like to remind Mr Big that it was our money, raised through our taxes, that the Mary Portas grant came from. Stop taking us for complete idiots.