Steer clear of Tesco store’s high fuel prices

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EDITOR – Further to the letter from Dennis Hall in the Rasen Mail on December 14, I agree wholeheartedly with the message he gives, ie that Tesco in Market Rasen will not lower their exorbitant fuel prices until a boycott reduces their sales dramatically!

I am from Caistor and travel widely, doing about three times the annual mileage of many car users in my modern car. I also have two fuel-inefficient vintage cars, which each travel 2,000 miles a year. I often come to Market Rasen and, more frequently, pass by on Gallamore Lane.

If buying fuel locally, I choose to buy my fuel at Tesco in Brigg, or Morrisons in Scunthorpe, or Laceby, where the prices are consistently two to four pence per litre lower than at Tesco in Market Rasen.

On one occasion, about six weeks ago, I was ‘taken short’ and needed fuel close to Market Rasen. I visited Tesco, partially filled my tank, and would usually use my credit card and pay at the pump. On this occasion, horrified by the price, I took the option of payment in the kiosk, to register my dissatisfaction.

Now, the cash desk operative was ready for me. “Oh, our prices are higher in Rasen because we have a convenience shop to fund, in support of the fuel pumps.”

Now this may or may not be a Tesco corporate answer, but, excuse me, aren’t the fuel sales a profit centre in their own right?

Isn’t the convenience kiosk a profit centre in its own right?

If the convenience kiosk is not profitable without fuel sales, why isn’t it closed, and a full ‘pay at pump’ service installed at Rasen, as at Brigg? Are Rasenites judged not capable of using pay at the pump, when Briggensians are?

Surely, Tesco buy their bulk fuel purchases countrywide, and surely Tesco fuel buyers are as competent at buying fuel in bulk as those at Asda and Morrisons, so why load the selling price at Tesco at Market Rasen, giving an extra two to four pence per litre profit to the company?

The reason is, there is no local, low-price competition, and so the grey-suited money men in Tesco see the opportunity to make more profit from this low-economy rural area.

I’m with you, Mr Hall, let’s treat Tesco to a lesson and wherever, and whenever, possible plan to fill our tanks away from Tesco at Market Rasen.

On the other hand, Tesco could do the honourable thing, and immediately lower their fuel prices. They might even find sales volume and goodwill toward them, increases considerably.

David Mason