Speeding - What about Linwood Chase

To say that I was slightly taken aback by the article in last week’s Mail November 12th 2014 where Councillors were complaining about speeding traffic along Willingham Road East of the traffic lights by the railway bridge on the A631.

I have no doubt that traffic is indeed speeding and that it causes great concern to the councillors in question especially 
when they live or work on the offending piece of road.

However, Linwood Chase which incorporates Beechers Way and The Ridings have been campaigning for the past five years to get relative signage and speed indicating devices approved through The Council to no avail?

It seems that you have to be in the know to get things done in Market Rasen, as all of a sudden signs can be erected on a temporary basis and it should be possible to obtain a road safety grant to help solve the problem.

Linwood Chase suffers speeding traffic on a daily basis negotiating 90 degree bends and very dangerous S Bends after a fast straight along The Ridings.

The question must be asked “how can Willingham Road A631 suddenly become a priority”, or is it because councilors live or work on that particular stretch of Highway?

Or am I being cynical?

D A Sellers BEM

Chairman, LCNWT