Sir Ed warns on Scotland, the Ukraine and ‘GM’ people

Edward Leigh EMN-140723-102526001
Edward Leigh EMN-140723-102526001

Market Rasen’s MP Sir Edward Leigh has been busy in Westminster, warning PM David Cameron not to take a ‘no’ vote for granted in the Scottish Referendum.

“If we were to lose the Union, it would be not only a disaster for Scotland, but a national humiliation of catastrophic proportions.

‘I say gently to the three party leaders that perhaps we have been a bit complacent up to now. I urge them, over the next two weeks, to drop everything else and stand shoulder to shoulder to fight for the Union that we love and believe in,” he told the PM.

Last week, the Tory grandee also said Britain should ‘deal’ with Vladimir Putin over the Ukraine, rather than go to war as Britain has “no strategic, histoiric or actual interest in Ukraine.”

For nearly all its history, the Ukraine was part of Russia and Russian’s “consider that Ukraine is as much a part of the Russian soul as we consider Canterbury or Kent is part of our soul. So this isn’t some power grab by the Russians to take over the rest of Europe. I don’t approve of Putin sending in tanks, but whatever we say, this is the facts on the ground. Putin is not going to give up, and therefore let’s try and accommodate and deal with him, and reassure him that we’re not trying to grab Ukraine,” he said.

The former minister also said Britain risks being considered a “rogue state” if it pushes ahead with developing “genetically modified people.”,

In a debate on mitochondrial replacement therapy, which aims to stop the birth of children with incurable diseases, but might see children with ‘three (biological)parents’ the MP said this may see humans created for the “sole purpose of harvesting their useful parts,”