Shop row - Charity market is just one day

I have just read the article about the ‘Mayor and shop owner in market clash.’

I was in the market square on the day in question and heard for myself the abusive and foul language that came out of Rob Jacques mouth.

He spoke to councillor James Patton and the caretaker like they were dirt, f’in and blind’in whilst these guys were trying to erect stalls in the square for the charity event.

It was that bad his wife came out and told him to go back in the shop, but no this obviously wasn’t enough for Mr Jacques who then went shouting his mouth off across the other side of the square.

It was also very evident that the Mayor and his team had worked hard enough to raise prizes and gift for the stalls without this man’s help and if he feels it was because he hadn’t contributed a prize then maybe he needs to go back to playshcool.

I am totally disgusted with this shopkeeper and does he need reminding it is for ONE day, ONCE a year for CHARITY.

An ex customer.

Mrs J Carter

Market Rasen