Sexy farmers - Keep your feet on the ground

Not unlike the forgotten nightmare, that as time goes by one actually thinks it was but a dream of distant past, until thanks to our Market Rasen Mail, dated Wednesday, January 21, 2015, brought it all flooding back - “Rasen Farmer makes it on to sexiest list.”

Where-upon the reader is shown a smiling young man who quite unbeknown to his innocent looking face has no idea whatsoever the fate which lies in the distant fields that should be left for ploughing and not gallivanting.

And why, do I hear that someone like myself should put a spoke in the works and upset the potato cart in which George Grant is about to travel on his way, hopefully to pick up the title of Britain’s sexiest farmer?

It is because I’ve witnessed this very self same thing many years ago when a good farming friend of mine entered a competition not too dissimilar and went on to win the grand title and a cheque for 10 shillings and sixpence.

So, as you see, for what started out as a big jolly with a photographic shoot that ended up in a empty pig pen with this poor farmer rolling about on the floor with just his cap and wellies and a full page 3 spread in then the Farmers Monthly was far from a pretty sight, with the only consolation that the photos were in black and white.

So, please Mr George Grant, think very carefully before you go the full hog roast on a road that may well in today’s world bring you great wealth and riches beyond your wildest dreams with the most gorgeous looking females throwing themselves at your feet each and everyday of your life. When knowing you would be far more happier behind the wheel of your tractor 18-hours a day in all weathers, plus attending to any livestock you may have, with the added bonus of a Government that doesn’t give one hoot if you sink or swim. Because if I was to tell you the truth, I know which one I would choose, good luck George.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor