Setting the record straight about how MR BIG works

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EDITOR – Despite the brilliant feedback we’ve had from shoppers, market traders and High Street shop owners, we were concerned to see from last week’s publication that there still appears to be some misunderstanding among your readership about what MR BIG is and does.

First of all, MR BIG is a volunteer organisation run by local people.

All of our members are business owners from within the Market Rasen postcode district. The vast majority of these are located in our town centre and share a desire to see improvement in trade and commerce for the benefit of our community.

Secondly, we would like to be clear that in order to win the monies from the Portas Pilot, the team had to present a structured and costed plan. The amount secured was £98,599. These monies will be spent as promised, and with transparent, quarterly financial updates published on our blog. The details of our plans are available for all to see at: (Look under the Portas Pilot menu for plans and funding info).

Finally, in response to comments about our merchandise, our ‘I love Market Rasen’ promotion has been designed to restore pride in our beautiful town and encourage people to ‘shop local’.

The merchandise is self-funding and so costs the tax payer nothing. It’s also worth noting that to date, MR BIG has not accessed ANY of the funding allocated via the Portas Pilot.

We expect these funds to be in place within the next few days, but up to press everything the group has achieved has been done through the hard work of volunteers and the goodwill of local businesses.

We thank them all and invite any other businesses or volunteer supporters to sign up on our blog at the address above.

Sara Scott

Chairman MR BIG