Service carries on regardless

EDITOR – I wish to assure, not only Stuart R Hogg but all residents of the Middle Rasen, Osgodby, North Owersby and West Rasen communities, that despite Coun Geoff Wiseman’s temporary absence from the parish council meetings, the communication train is still very much in operation.

Not only will Coun Paul Howett Cowan, in my opinion a very dedicated councillor, be covering for Geoff, but I as the county councillor for the area I will provide a long stop (if required). as I am also a West Lindsey district councillor.

As to the very sad suspension, on which I will not comment, let me say, I fully agree that Coun Wiseman is a good local councillor, and hopefully he will be back with us shortly conducting his duties for the parishes in his usual form.

Lewis Strange

Lincolnshire County Councillor for Ancholme Cliff and West Lindsey District Councillor for Kelsey