Separate permission needed

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EDITOR – Re letter from Roy and Kathryn Bennett (July 4).

May I correct the impression given in their letter regarding the former Brigg Road scrapyard.

At no time did any of the authorities permit the business that set up following the closure of Mr Hambleton’s vehicle dismantlers.

In fact the removal of the scrap metal business that was causing noise, dirt and similar distress to residents, was achieved by the efforts of a combination of officers from Lincolnshire and West Lindsey councils and the Environment Agency, for which a lot of people, including your local elected members, were very grateful.

While one might assume that car dismantlers and metal recyclers may have a natural affinity, and thus a permission granted for one covers the other, this is not the case and each is a separate matter and requires a separate permission.

Alan Caine

District councillor Caistor Ward