See what we can do when town unites

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Editor – On behalf of the combined churches of Market Rasen, I would like to offer a formal thank you to the people of this town for their support in making the celebration of our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee a memorable event.

From the beginning, it was the objective of our group to organise a celebration that enabled as many people of Market Rasen as possible to be involved in an event that provided a memory of a point in time when people could say, “Yes, we remember that”.

We were also very keen to ensure that the children, in particular, had the experience of being involved in a “special occasion”.

There are numerous individuals and organisations to which we are extremely grateful, and without whose help this day would never have happened, but I feel that to make a list here would not be sufficient thanks and I would certainly miss someone out.

That said, I would like to bring to your attention the efforts of the headmaster of Market Rasen Church of England Primary School, Andrew Smith, and all of his staff. The opening ceremony was a pleasure to behold and is a shining example of what can be achieved with the expertise, hard work and dedication of the staff and the efforts and enthusiasm of the children, backed up with the support of the parents.

There is much work being done within Market Rasen at the moment in terms of invigoration; the enthusiasm and effort displayed on Monday demonstrates, once again, that Market Rasen is not a dying or tired market town.

We have within our community much that is exciting and positive, with so many talented people comprising a remarkably diverse set of skills and talents. All that has to be done is for us all to work together in a way that we see time and time again we can do.

Andrew Morrison

On behalf of the Churches of Market Rasen