School Run - What’s wrong with walking?

It could be any school in the whole of England and as highlighted in our Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday June 18, 2014, this one just happens to be the Caistor Primary School.

In which as shown on the front page, “Action on Parking Needed” all because as 
quoted, “Parents Parking by Caistor Primary School are causing problems with some Children Suffering Near Misses.”

And on turning to Page 20 the reader was given further information on how this problem should be dealt with, But, leaving out the most Obvious.

Which is Why, in today’s world people cannot place their wee sprogs on the school bus, or failing this, just take them by the hand and walk them to school?

Because darn it all, as the years are going by and with more and more people 
using their cars to travel no more than a 100 yards, there will soon come the day when the next generations of young siblings will have no use for their legs and thus will be born without them.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor