School holidays: Penalising parents

I wonder how many of your readers are aware of recent government legislation to make illegal the taking of family holidays during term time.

The figures stated that holidays during term time amounted to 10 per cent of the total absence.

But how many of these were on account of immigrants returning for long periods to their homelands for family or religious reasons?

How many were the usual suspects giving holidays as a reason for absence when other activities were involved?

Do our legislators realise that not all parent’s holidays from work coincide with school holidays? Do they realise that the costs of holidays of every kind can double, or triple or even quadruple during the school summer holidays?

I notice that our political leaders can holiday during their long recess in their private villas etc, or the villas of wealthy friends.

Families have always been able to approach the school with a request for holiday absence and this was nearly always granted.

Obviously it was not granted when important exams were looming. Now families are threatened with fines. Was this in their manifesto?

The fines will have to be substantial when families can save hundreds and even thousands by holidaying in term time.

This spoils the relationship between school and parents.

I cannot understand why the Labour Party (party of the working man) has not raised objections.

What will happen to the price of summer holidays when everybody must go during July and August?

My children now have families of their own and it is for them that I write this letter.

There is an e-petition on the government website.

Mr H Acum

Navigation Lane, Caistor