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EDITOR – re: Reduction of the No.3 bus service.

We are concerned that the No.3 bus service is under threat of closure.

It is essential for the residents of Market Rasen for the following reasons:

1. Two buses a day would not be sufficient for people attending out-patients appointments at Lincoln and Grimsby Hospitals.

2. Students and pupils use the buses daily to get to schools and colleges and home again.

3. Higher petrol costs and car parking charges are forcing more people to use the buses for shopping and visiting relations and friends.

4. The service is a lifeline for many people in our rural situation who are unable to drive through a variety of medical conditions. These numbers will rise as people are living longer.

We are anxious that the No.3 bus service may be radically reduced and that Stagecoach will then claim that it is not well used and will stop it altogether.

Judy and Brian Gelsthorpe

By Email

EDITOR – I, along with many others, am dismayed at the proposed decline in bus services.

I do not drive and have used the buses since I moved to the area in 1983. They are my lifeline.

In the present climate one would expect an improved service allowing people to use the buses and leave their cars at home.

The services should be more widespread to enable our young people to look for work further a field without the expense of providing a car, keeping it roadworthy and supplied with ever more expensive fuel.

Why should it always be rural areas that lose out when their needs are often greater than those in urban areas?

Elaine Jennings

By Email

EDITOR – Considering reducing the No 3 bus service is one thing, but to suggest only two buses a day is unacceptable.

This is our only bus service and to cut it right back will mean the town will be isolated.

How are people without transport supposed to get into Grimsby or Lincoln to work, shop, keep hospital appointments or visit family?

There is a lot of talk at the moment about different ways to improve the town to attract more visitors, but how is that going to work if there is no decent bus service to bring people into the town?

We must resist this move.

Judy Meakins

By email

EDITOR – No doubt there will be an outcry at the proposals by Stagecoach in Lincolnshire to reduce very seriously the number of services operated daily on Route 3 between Lincoln-Market Rasen-Grimsby.

If all users of free passes were required to pay, say, 25p for a short journey and 50p for a long one, that would raise many thousands of pounds yearly, and this would reduce the subsidy levels required from local Government.

As an OAP myself, I would have no objection to this, and I cannot see that any pensioner could object. Better to have a service that costs the user a small amount than a free one which does not exist!

A service every two hours, much as we have the existing train service between these same towns, would at least help both parties out of the predicament.

When our confused Government initially introduced this concession, across the board and apparently without any intelligent thought being given to the consequences, it was obvious that it would cost local authorities dearly – there is no such thing as a free lunch... nor a free bus journey.

We all have to pay for everything Government dreams up in its daftest moments of vote-catching publicity. Perhaps Mr Cameron could dispense with his travelling photographer in order to save a few hundred thousand a year?

Brian Ward

Market Rasen – right in the middle of the route!

EDITOR – Any reduction of the number 3 bus service would cause considerable hardship to the customers who rely on the existing service to travel to work in Lincoln.

The supposed reasoning behind this is to make some savings as the Government has made some cuts. When one reads about the millions given as aid to overseas countries when our own people are being deprived of basic services, it makes one wonder about the competency of the present Government.

The townspeople of Market Rasen cannot allow these ill-considered measures to happen and some sort of protest and/or petition must be raised.

David Warner

Jameson Bridge Street, Market Rasen