Royal mail - What’s up with postal service?

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Am I the only resident in Market Rasen who has noticed a steady decline in the delivery of mail over the past few years, whether it be first or second class.

Indeed has anyone noticed the difference between the two classes?

Generally, my mail arrives sometime in the afternoon regardless.

If I am very lucky, it will arrive late morning., However, today, (Halloween night), the service reached an all time low.

In between answering the door to those asking if I wanted a trick or treat, an unearthly glow appeared from the hi - viz orange jacket of the postman arriving with my mail at 6.30pm.

Whilst I attach no blame to the postie, I would appreciate a treat from the manager of the sorting office in Gallamore Lane half a mile away, by explaining why Market Rasen residents are treated as third class recipients!

S. Boulter

Fern Drive