Roll up our sleeves and get job done

EDITOR – It is our understanding that this year’s ‘Christmas Market’ will be held in the festival hall and car park.

Any lights switching-on ceremony will be held in the Market Place with the rest of the activity taking place away from the town centre.

One of Market Rasen’s finest assets is its Market Place, a feature that is well placed to create the sort of ambience that makes for a successful Christmas event.

We can be certain the local traders will not benefit from this move; neither will other organisations that rely on the footfall that this event generates.

Whatever the reasons for our council members to make this decision which, we understand, is because there was a dearth of labour within this community to help with the erection and removal of the stall, it is a very sad message that our councillors are sending to the community.

How can it be that in a town with the expertise, experience, resources, and community based assets that Market Rasen has at its disposal – events past and present are evidence of this – we now find ourselves at this sorrowful place.

Maybe it is time for us to stop the emails, turn off the computers, ring each other up, ask for help, talk to each other, meet, roll our sleeves up and get the jobs done.

St Thomas’s Church

Market Rasen