Roadworks - Wrong reaction but understand why

North Kelsey Road road works Caistor: First, I am disgusted that people spat at the workmen.

Spitting, apart from being disgusting, is a criminal offence and should be dealt with accordingly BUT I can understand why.

I had an appointment at Grimsby Hospital Orthopaedics on a Friday morning. I have arthritis in both my legs making walking very painful and use a stick to get around.

The taxi I called was refused admission to get to me, although the signs clearly stated ‘access only to residents’.

The taxi had to drive for ten minutes around to get as near to me as possible, although telling the contractors about my condition and appointment. I had to walk three hundred yards or so to get to the taxi; likewise on return to get to my house.

I am not fully disabled but this was unnecessary,

If a bit of commonsense had been used, ie repairing one side of the road at a time instead of both sides, this situation would not have arisen, I am not the only one to have been affected as having to walk to the taxi again the next morning (Saturday) I saw an elderly woman struggling with heavy shopping bags having had to abandon her car some distance from her home.

It would appear that commonsense and forward planning has disappeared completely.

Remember - poor planning prevents proper performance.

Michael Timson