Roads - Councils should hang their heads in shame

I recently had cause to return to Lincolnshire to visit elderly relatives who live near Hemingby.

Much hasn’t changed since my last visit five or six years ago.

However, one thing my husband and I did comment on was the sate of local roads - and verges.

Around the Hemingby area, it seemed particularly bad.

Vast swathes of previously green verges had been cut up and reduced to what can only be described as a muddy mess.

We are not talking about narrow lanes. There appeared to be plenty of space for two vehicles to pass safely.

Again, though, it was noticeable how many HGV’s were using these routes.

As a child, I can recall my brother and I playing on these verges and hardly seeing a vehicle.

Now you would be afraid to walk on them.

As for the general state of the roads, the councils should hang their heads in shame.

I have never seen so many potholes and damaged surfaces.

Pauline Cooper

St Albans