Roads are not the problem, it’s the drivers

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EDITOR – Once again we see the ‘road safety’ remit being focused on the roads with the iPhone/Android phone application (yet using a mobile phone while driving is illegal!).

But as experienced by myself, you can drive the same road at different times in 24 hours (employed at that time I was on call 24 hours in a day), throughout the 12 months and four seasons of any year with no problem.

You therefore know it like the ‘back of your hand’, where the big pot-holes are, the places where it is ‘safe’ to overtake slower traffic, etc.

However, travelling that road one day, where 30 seconds later or quicker (at 50mph that’s half a mile travelled) I’d probably only have been a witness to an out-of-control oncoming car which collided with mine, despite me taking evasive action – killing two and nearly myself!

Therefore it’s not the roads that kill, it’s everyone who uses the roads because road safety is everyone’s equal responsibility to themselves, their passengers and anyone around them.

Accidents happen when someone isn’t ‘paying due care and attention’, but isn’t this true in anything we do in life?

Reading someone else’s mind, seeing around a corner or any future predictions we also find difficult to master?

Ross Grayson