Retirement - Gordon will be greatly missed

In reference to the retirement of Gordon Hildred from Lancasters Butchers, I am sure that he will be greatly missed by so many of the shop’s customers.

He has been a shining example of how customer relations should be. Whenever you entered the shop, you got such a warm welcome from Gordon and the query “What can I get for you today?”.

Whatever you asked for, he would always try to tempt you with some other delicacies, and usually succeeded.

He could sell ice cream to the eskimos.

We are so lucky to have two butchers in Rasen and both under the auspices of the Lancaster family.

It is remarkable that V T Lancasters, along with J H Starbucks first class bakers, are the only remaining family-owned shops that were here in the 1930s (I was an errand boy for Starbucks during my childhood in 1937).

I can still recall myself, as a schoolboy, being served by grandfather Vin Lancaster.

Just as polite and courteous as ever, what a wonderful family record.

I sincerely hope that Gordon will enjoy a long, happy and healthy retirement. He really does deserve it – well done.

Dennis Hall

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