Renewables - Why I stand up to be counted

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Further to Mr Grainger’s, somewhat biased thoughts, on my views of the energy policy of the coalition government, he conveniently forgets ,so I will remind him that cost of replacing of the last disastrous Labour government, and the price of taking government was to accept a coalition which had as part of the deal, the Liberal party demanding, and getting the country’s Energy portfolio, which of course included renewables

Since Ed Davey took over this responsibility, he and his party have pursued, in my opinion, a passionate desire to impose wind farms across the countryside (look at East Lindsey)-despite adding approximately £100.00p to the average annual energy bill, and Wind farms that provide only a fraction of their claimed efficiency and benefit to the grid.

Should Mr Cameron, and our Conservative party, be returned in May next year, the prime minister has stated that the Country, now has enough wind turbine farms and speculative sighted turbines as well, he has further stated that should he command a working majority, then no more will be allowed on shore.

Currently Mr Pickles has been asked, to call in, for his final decision certain applications that have gone to appeal, this as a result of a number of decisions elsewhere, granted by planning inspectors, which gave little credence to the aims of the Localism agenda, in involving local people –I hope that explains the situation, as I and many others see it.

Your County council also supports that view, save building in exceptional circumstance.

Further, the current fight is on at South Kelsey, and Caistor against two turbines both around 330 feet tall,

At South Kelsey, the action group, the parish council and our Member of Parliament, are objecting on several grounds 
including, the visual impact, both too and from the Wolds . The planning officers recommendation is due in September.

Personally I have always loved Lincolnshire’s countryside as it is, and as long as I am supported at the ballot box, I shall do all I can to stand up for the area, on any issue and against the urban majority, and always for those who not only enjoy the sweeping views and our lovely countryside, but also worry about the value of their homes or the ability to sell, with the imposition of Turbines that add so little to energy provision, and cost so much.

Finally do climb, Nettleton or Walesby Hill, and see our great Cathedral twenty miles away standing proudly, as it has on its hill since around 1200, and then imagine it and the Lincolnshire plain, obscured by Wind farms each turbine half as tall as its main tower-what a legacy to leave our children!

I believe we have to stand up, and be counted !

Lewis Strange-

Ancholme and the Cliff-Lincolnshire county council. The Kelsey wold ward-West Lindsey district council.