Rasenites – it’s time to rise up and fight for your rights

EDITOR – It is hard not to watch the events over in the Middle East right now and not be inspired.

People fighting for their freedom and willing to put their lives on the line to get it.

With this in mind, a group comprising of myself and a few chums have been thinking about a few of Market Rasen’s freedoms, which have been ripped from us without consultation and without any thought for the devastation left in their wake.

I know you can already tell what I am about to mention before you read on so grave is the situation.

That’s right, the postbox has been removed from McColls. Think of the extra clat added to the customers of McColls who now have to embark on the long slog all the way over to the post office to send their mail.

I know a good friend of mine, whose time is extremely precious, will now have to set off two minutes earlier from home in order not to miss Emmerdale (an extremely good watch I think all would agree).

Another great travesty of justice in the community is the current opening hours at The Goldmine Bar.

Again, I have consulted with friends, and in our unanimous opinion it would be considered one of the highest honours of a Market Rasen Facebook user to ‘Check in’ once more at this hostelry.

The jukebox was full of Celine Dion and Michael Buble’s finest hits and had live music from the vocal chords of Tony Walker himself. Bring it back I say.

When you add this to the removal of the cash machine from Halifax (meaning you may have to cross the road to get some money to keep the Market Rasen economy in rude health), one tends to come to the conclusion that Market Rasen has lost its way.

And what have we replaced these fine institutions with I hear you ask? A half-finished bus shelter! Well I tell you, this is simply not cricket.

I urge all fellow lovers of the postbox and the Goldmine Bar to rise up and revolt so that once more people need not fret about missing the start of Emmerdale.

Alex Graham

Address supplied