Rasen market - where is charity spirit?

I was on the Market on Friday 5th December, which I believe was to be the evening of the Mayors charity market everyone seemed to be working hard to create a Community Christmas event, then all of a sudden a man came out of Jacques, shouting the most abusive language I have ever heard, he was swearing at the Mayor and other people on the market place who were helping.

I have never seen anything like it he totally disgusted me. Does this man not understand what these people are trying to achieve because Friday evening was all about raising money for a lot of very deserving charities.

After further research I know all the shop keepers were informed of what was happening that weekend and I am sure the people of Market Rasen know where Jacques Hardware is by now and if they want to purchase anything from him , putting up stalls in front of his shop for one day for charity wouldn’t have stop them.

On one of the occasion this bad mouthed man used the excuse that people couldn’t get by on the footpath, the only thing blocking the footpath was everything that belonged to him.

Market Rasen should be a town working together for the good of the community.

People should be backing everyone involved in Friday evening’s event not putting obstacles in their way.

A very disgusted visitor to Market Rasen

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