Rasen market stall - Do not want to lose veg stall

To me, one of the most pleasant features of moving to Market Rasen two years ago was the vibrant markets.

I quickly became a regular patron of the fruit and vegetable stall run by Mr and Mrs North, where I could always rely upon a good selection of fresh and reasonably priced goods dispensed in a friendly and courteous manner.

Indeed, as the fortunes of the market place appeared to be ebbing rather than flowing, this stall was the one constant on market days and often my sole reason for frequenting the town and the other shops therein, rather than taking my custom to the well-known supermarket or further afield.

I am most concerned, therefore, to learn that the Norths have been served with a notice to leave their pitch.

While there will always be some people who will oppose change whatever the cause, I would welcome a more cogent reasoning for such precipitous action as to evict an established and, in my mind, excellent trader from their established place of business, especially when the town centre appears to be a failing location for many other enterprises.

I am informed that the Norths have been the subject of a complaint.

I have had many reasons to complain about quite a few businesses but, in general, the enterprises concerned have usually willingly corrected the issue, or I have found that I was in a minority when it came to the (often) subjective nature of my own grievance.

You see, there may have been a complaint. There may have been more than one, but remember that slights may often be imagined or conversations misinterpreted, while there are some people who take delight in upsetting others.

Indeed, it takes very little effort to co-ordinate a small protest, whether it has true merit or not.

I am not happy at the prospect of losing Mr and Mrs North’s presence from our town and would ask the council, as a whole, to consider whether the complaint it has received represents a truly widespread and demonstrable concern?

P Rowland

Market Rasen