Rasen issues - Town council is working hard

RE Thomas Smith

We had been fighting Lincolnshire County Council and West Lindsey District Council years for the purchase of De Aston Field.

We were not given a choice of a peppercorn rent. West Lindsey District Council could not find Section 106 money put aside for purchase until Market Rasen Town Council pushed for answers.

The cemetery is still owned by West Lindsey District Council.

Concerning the eyesore pub, the town council had been asking for years for a tidy up. With MR BIG’s help, it was finally sorted.

Pigeons- This was again sorted years ago by the town council. Lincolnshire County Council are the enforcement officers. It was their job to sort out. This is still not solved.

Queen Street- Traffic lights again were requested by the town council. Yet again, Lincolnshire County Council are the enforcement officers.

Donation to Mill Road Playing Field- I asked for a donation and council received £1,000.

I joined the council to help the town. I hope in my own way, I am helping.

M Lakin-Whitworth,

Market Rasen Town Councillor