Rasen Foyer - No need for your concern

I am aware that reports of changes being planned at the Foyer have caused some concern in Market Rasen.

The reorganisation centres on moving provision for 16-17 year olds to Gainsborough.

Ken Bridger who has been on the Foyer Advisory Group for some years and attends all meetings, offers the following insight:

‘The Foyer in Rasen is cut off from the basic needs of young people with complex needs.

These are drug support agencies, social service provision and emotional support infrastructure. Not having these in place makes it more difficult to support emergency referrals.

There have been problems with the 16-17 year olds accessing alcohol and drugs in the town and with anti-social incidents very late at night.

Shifting to an older clientele with less complex needs hopefully should be beneficial to local people.’

I have spoken with managers at the Foyer in Market Rasen and at Axiom Housing Association’s HQ in Peterborough and the key points of the plans are:.

a) 16-17 year olds will have a new 12 person unit in Gainsborough.

All the 16-17-year-olds currently at the Foyer have been offered (and accepted) places in Gainsborough.

b) The Foyer will take adults (18+ years old)

The number of places will remain the same at 22.

The length of stay will be limited to six months - down from a maximum of 2 years at present.

c) Rules for residents will remain the same.

Sanctions for those who break rules will remain the same.

The selection criteria to become a resident will remain the same.

d) In the future, as now, a very small number of individuals with a criminal record may be allowed to reside at the Foyer.

e) Ultimate responsibility for The Foyer resides

with West Lindsey District Council as the local housing authority.

The key is that The Foyer remains a well-managed facility within a proper regulatory framework with clear lines of responsibility.

I would support the introduction of night staff at the Foyer and hope that such a measure can be considered by Axiom.

I am satisfied that Axiom Housing Association are planning properly for the future – it is something that is of particular interest to me as I live opposite the Foyer.

Guy Grainger

King St, Market Rasen