Rail service - Efforts have been useless

I read with interest the report by Beth Searby on Edward Leigh’s ‘outburst’ concerning the state of the East Midlands rail service through Market Rasen.

To his credit, he has brought this up several times in the last few years, but his efforts have been completely ineffectual.

This is no surprise, since most of the rail companies are part of huge, often foreign, conglomerates, wholly impervious to criticism by ministers, never mind MPs.

But who is responsible for this situation? The Tories, of course.

Edward Leigh’s party broke up British Rail in the worst way possible. Who would have thought up the idea of creating a different company to run the trains and maintain the track, and create a separate company to own the carriages to lease back to the train operators? The lack of carriages is down to the leasing company ... and who owns this? Partly, the Government, or the us, the tax payers. What a farce.

Obviously, this was a system tailor made for the Tories’ financial boys to make a killing. And they have.

Of course, the railways are still massively subsidised – some say more than in British Rail’s time.

Most of the subsidy goes from the tax payer to these companies without ever troubling the customers.

The Tory press lays into Corbyn ... but one policy he espouses that has support throughout the land is for the renationalisation of the railways.

But what about energy ... and telecommunications. Our woeful internet is 10 times slower than an equivalent area on the continent. Why are we letting these people steal our country from us.

Edward Leigh would do well to take out a £3 subscription to join the Labour Party and vote for Corbyn – a path of action more likely to be successful that any outburst.

David Kirshner