Public praise, private criticism

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EDITOR – I refer to two of your letters on the Market Rasen Business Initiative Group. We have a tendency to quickly draw attention to perceived negatives, rather than to praise people for what they’ve done right.

I for one would like to say that I greatly appreciate the hundreds of hours that MR BIG members have voluntarily given up for the benefit of our community.

If we do feel that we have seen an error, let us go privately to the concerned individual and reason with them, whereas if we see good, let us be quick to give public praise. In this way there is more chance that discord can be avoided, and problems can be constructively addressed.

If this work is to be sustained over the long term, I believe more people will need to contribute their various gifts and time, so let us be ready. For now though, let us all seek through our words and our actions to build bridges with each other rather than to throw verbal stones.

David Young

The Brambles

Market Rasen