PRESCRIPTIONS - A complete rethink needed

Congratulations. At last the voice of reason.

It is time that people began to take responsibility for themselves, and there are many items prescribed on the NHS which are totally beyond the original ethos of the organisation.

For a small example, why on Earth was gluten-free flour put on prescription?

I can understand that, in some rural locations, some items are not always easy to find, but, in such cases, they should be supplied on a paid-for basis.

Paracetamol is 29p in Tesco, yet costs the NHS significantly more to provide free of charge.

This is an excellent move forward. Keep looking at the system and you will find many more savings.

For example, if a non-refundable charge of £5 per doctor’s appointment was levied, I am sure that missed appointments would become a thing of the past.

This charge could be by card at the time of making an appointment.

Can I suggest a committee of retired doctors and clinicians should be established to assist with a rethink.

I know that I and my friends regularly put the world to rights over a coffee.

Christine Willis

by email