Portas Pilot - Who took part in this survey?

Re the Rasen Mail’s recent article, Portas Pilot fuelled pride in Market Rasen says study.’

Pride! Well that is the first time I have heard that word being used to describe a market that run at a loss from day one till its end, where are the stall holders now?

Back to square one, well pride has got a very hefty price tag on it and I for one did not see it on sale at the over priced markets ?

And free parkin, give it a rest with this myth. When people get up to go shopping they don’t think, ‘where is a town with free parking lets go there I don’t care if we can’t buy sod all, at least we can park for nought.’

Louth thrives on most days and they don’t have magical free parking.

Please could anybody who took part in this survey please write a comment explaining Pride?

I am assuming the survey was carried out in Rasen ?

Steve Renwick

From the Rasen Mail Facebook page