Politics - Why prod the Russian bear?

It’s Groundhog Day. Not content with committing our troops to a new Nato mission in Iraq (all will become visible after the next election) at the taxpayers expense, military personnel have now been sent into the civil war in Ukraine, along with a large amount of our Saracen troop carriers donated just for starters.

What was a peaceful protest by eastern Ukrainians in Kiev was turned into a devastating civil war by western mercenaries using highly sophisticated sniper rifles.

Any reporter or film crew who were courageously trying to record the bitter truth of it became targets of these ‘hired thugs.’ All in the name of that wonderful word, democracy.

This and the plain fact that the USA refuse to relinquish the inroads made by the Eastern Ukranians into what the Americans see as their territory forming a ring of steel around Russia and China.

In the name of ‘our special friendship’ David Cameron PM on behalf of the USA has started poking the giant sleeping bear with a sharp stick. What on earth does he hope to achieve with this ‘bear bating?’

The only outcome I can see is to keep the war industry going in the USA, after all it is their biggest single employment agency apart from the NSA.

David Cameron PM has said “I love my country.” What country? He didn’t mention which one he was referring to. One thing is absolutely clear, it certainly is not England.

Committing our armed forces into a world war scenario, putting England into the situation of a war it cannot hope to win, if anyone thinks that one single country in the EU would lift one finger to ally themselves with us don’t kid yourselves.

That leaves, yes you’ve guessed it, the good old USA, whose population has not the stomach for another conflict and would refuse point blank to support one with such devastating apocalyptic consequences.

For all the bravado, arrogance and strutting about displayed for Putin’s benefit, a was against Russia allied with China is a no-hoper.

GP Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor