Politics - Why go further with the cuts?

I noticed in the Mail, March 4th 2015, Page 23, 2 column inches with the headline “Sir Ed: No Troops for Ukraine”.

In this short statement he reveals himself to be one of a handful of serving Politicians who appear to understand the position we are 
getting ourselves into by blindly following EU Foreign policy and that the decimation of our armed forces and Mr Juncker’s desire to see an EU army will lead us, potentially, into conflict with Russia.

This, of course, is a prediction made by Nigel Farage in a conference speech in 2009. Maybe serving politicians would do well to listen to Mr Farage’s speeches on the EU, the Euro and its desire for a European federation.

This may help avoid many of the ‘gaffs’ we are seeing successive Governments make in our relationship with Europe.

Sir Edward is, he maintains, a ‘Euro Sceptic’ and, given a free vote would probably help to lead us out of the restrictive grasp of Brussels and into self Governance and Independence.

So why are we falling further and further into a morass of council cuts, Defence cuts, NHS inefficiencies and Police cuts, bedroom taxes, the rising usage of food banks, etc. if there are so many like minded ‘Euro-Sceptics’ in the Conservative Party

Because, although I believe Sir Edward Leigh may be a man of principle – he is also a man without power!!

He is controlled by the Tory Whip who tells him, and all Tory MPs, how to vote on virtually every single bill that is proposed in the House of Commons.

He is a lonely voice in a sea of terminal ignorance as to what is actually happening in the real world.

Surely this is not the meaning of democracy? This is not what the people of the United Kingdom really want, is it?

Do we, the people, want to allow huge bonuses to be paid to bankers and the wealthy to hide their money in foreign countries while the ordinary men and women in the rest of the country struggle to pay the mortgage, feed the family, wait for an eternity for hospital appointments and have to sell their homes to pay for residential care?

Don’t be deceived into thinking that either Labour or the LibDems are actually any different.

Whatever they say, and they do say some good things before elections, they also have a complete loyalty to ‘the Party’ before ‘the People’.

It is my understanding that Sir Edward is against the building of wind turbines, however they will almost certainly be built at Hemswell Cliff and Brown’s Holt, despite his support for VOCAT.

In a recent MP’s column in the Market Rasen Mail, he said he is for a stronger and more resourced Police Force and yet, in Lincolnshire, the force is on the verge of bankruptcy and crime appears to be falling because, in the words of a Police Federation Spokesperson “We do not 
have enough police to attend and report all crimes committed”.

In the same column, he declared himself to be for a stronger armed forces and yet the outlook is for a further 30,000 personnel to be made redundant following the next election.

His recent statement that the NHS is ‘Hale & Hearty’ shows a lack of his understanding of the actual truth about the NHS. I have personal, and recent, experience of the NHS, and am far from convinced that it is ‘Hale & Hearty’.

Maybe he would like to accompany me on my next appointment and we could sit for hours, in the waiting room, discussing possible improvements, while I endure more blood tests, fill in more forms and give more samples while not given the simple test for which I was referred for last year!!

The announcement last week that £780million of taxpayers’ money will go to private companies for services which used to be delivered by the NHS shows Tory claims of non-privatisation to be another lie.

That is why I chose to stand for election as a UKIP Parliamentary Candidate – BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO WHIP, and elected candidates will have a free vote, to vote for their principles, and I believe the people want:-

No more NHS privatisation.

A resourced and strengthened Police Force.

Viable armed forces, and not to involve ourselves in wars that are none of our business.

No wind-farms to comply with EU carbon emission directives, allowing us to explore effective and sustainable energy.

Quit the extortionate and bureaucratic EU and determine our own future.

Whatever your readers have read about UKIP, they are the only party with the intention of making these things happen and I would urge them 
to vote for the only party pledged to serve their interests and those of the nation.

John E Saxon

Parliamentary Candidate Gainsborough.