Politics - Who will stand up for Britain?

After a most brutal act of great magnitude in Paris, what stands out above all else is the grotesque hypocrisy of all the leaders, whom in the name of solidarity come to the city to march with civilians who are the victims of their agendas.

For example, Angela Merkel and David Cameron who have announced to the world; “Multiculturalism does not work,” it really doesn’t.

Yet, they allow asylum seekers, immigrants and migrants to flood in uncontrolled, force our troops into illegal occupations in the middle east and wonder why they incite hatred and intolerance into their own country’s populations on top of the cultures whom they invade in the name of world peace.

Just as depraved is the presence of Israel’s Netenyahu, a filthy war criminal who is responsible for the annihilation of many thousands of Palestinians, the blatant theft of their land and the wanton destruction of their homes. Sickening.

All of them traitors. How dare they behave with such wanton and intolerable arrogance to score self satisfaction and justification for their destruction of our society, as if somehow they think all that they have 
reaped upon us all is quite acceptable.

It most certainly is not. It 
is morally reprehensible, utterly vile and of the lowest form of self-serving back-slapping.

It was a surprise to see the President of the USA not make an appearance with his minions on the march, for he is the most abhorrent culprit after all, but that would have been just too much.

It is more than enough to recall the disastrous destruction on all the peoples affected by his foreign policy, and that includes us by the way.

Worst of all is the lack of moral fibre by all other countries over their chronic lack of support for us afte r the horror of the decapitation and death of Lee Rigby or the 7/7 bombings.

Yet again England stood alone. The only way to look after our country is total independence, no ifs, buts or wherefore. Closed borders managed by our own troops, ridding our society of the Geneva Convention, the human rights and all the despicable red tape and rubbish heaped upon us by Brussels, good riddance.

We have had a bellyful of it all and we are weary of it. Enough.

Is there anyone who will stand up for us?

Bring on Nigel Farage.

G P Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor