Politics - Who should be planning?

Government Legislation on ”Improving Planning Performance” was approved on 23rd July 2014.

The new legislation makes it possible for Local Planning Authority’s to be placed in “special measures” if an authority loses more than 20% 
of major applications at appeal.

These measures enable any applicant to apply directly to Planning Inspectorate (PINS) for a decision.

Three Months later we are told by the Homes and Communities Agency: Thousands of homes could be built on brownfield sites available for development. Following reforms of the planning system, more than two thirds of all homes are built on brownfield land – with ambitions to go even further.

And earlier this month new guidance was given to councils on using Local Plans to safeguard their area against urban sprawl and protect the green lungs around towns and cities.

Which takes priority?

Last week Saxilby and Welton residents appealed to West Lindsey to withdraw from the “Joint Planning Unit”. The aim being to achieve a quicker, safer, less expensive, route to the Local Plan. This is necessary to protect the fringe villages from being swamped with houses. The word NO was given, loud and clear, in a press interview, before their petition was heard! That is real democracy.

Alternative solutions were not considered. It seems District Leaders, Chief Executives and committee members do not want the debate: it might emerge that a bad decision was made and that would never do. I am told The County Council spent £350,000+ of our money on the Hawthorn Road Inquiry just to prove the objectors were wrong. The Library Judicial Review was a similar, unnecessary, expense.

The Town-Hall Barons will just not listen! We keep being told there is no money, yet County Councillors were quite happy to award themselves a£1m p.a. 23% pay rise. The money would have paid for the bridge and made a sizeable contribution to the libraries budget for years to come.

The solution is simple: Stand as an Independent Candidate in next year’s District Council elections. You will not be told how to vote by any party whip : you are free vote on each issue with your own community in mind.

Cllr Marianne Overton MBE, Leader of the Independent group on LCC and National leader of the Independent Group of Councillors on the LGA is presenting a short introduction of helpful tips on becoming an Independent Councillor at the Advocat Arms, Market Rasen, Wednesday 19th November, at 7.30 pm. Please come!

With more Independent voices in the Council Chamber some of these decisions may be avoided.

If you are interested supporting or standing as a candidate please contact me for details,

Chris Darcel, WLDC District Councillor for Fiskerton and Langworth, tel 01522 750411 or email me on chris.darcel1@gmail.com I will be delighted to hear from you.

Chris Darcel

By Email