Politics - Town councils so important

I note Cllr Keimach’s view that Market Rasen Town Council is basically irrelevant, as he says, “I think it (town councils) should be abolished. They are absolutely useless. All the services are performed by the district or the county,”

For what it is worth, I completely disagree with his view. I believe that the Town and Parish Council Tier of local Government is actually the MOST important, not the LEAST important and I have experience of all three County tiers to support my view.

Town Councillors are all unpaid volunteers who give up their valuable time to ensure that a vast amount of work is done in the town. They are the ones who know exactly what is happening locally and it is essential that good District and County Councillors work in close partnership with these colleagues in order to deliver what is best for local residents.

Sorry Burt but you’ve got it wrong.

I would agree with him though that there is too much Government. This country is the most governed in Europe and with costs escalating (the County Council have got to find saving of £90 million) it is unacceptable that council tax players are continually expected to pay for such an inefficient system.

Something does need to be done about the expensive duplication that takes place. However, I would get rid of the much more expensive District Councils and broaden council services through new unitary authorities. We would still have to work together with local Parish and Town councils though.

Coun Reg Shore

Opposition Leader of West Lindsey District Council, Executive Member of Lincolnshire County Council