Politics - Response to Chris Darcel

It’s not easy running a district Council, some people can never see the bigger picture, take last week’s comments by Councillor Darcell of Fiskerton.

A man who openly and willingly admits he has been fired on more occasions than he cares to remember. (in my world, you are only fired when you are failing ) A man, A West Lindsey Councillor who continuously condemns everything we do in West Lindsey.

For Chris I’ll spell it out again and for those who believe in his Twaddle.

West Lindsey was faced with £3 million of cuts by government.

What should we do, Cut services and make people redundant. That would have been easy and non-productive.

Instead we took the initiative to reorganise the council create efficiencies and put people in place who had business knowledge and acumen. We have now embarked upon a program of regeneration and development utilising our capital and portfolio of assets across the district. This approach will enable us to generate income to support the services we provide.

’m sure you will have noticed we have not increased council tax for the coming year. That means we have NOT increased council tax four years in the last five.

For me it is imperative we do everything we can to generate revenue for the council rather than increasing council tax each year.


MRPPA. B.A.S.I.S. cllr. WLDC