Politics - No truth in allegations

The falsehoods repeated by Samantha Lewis in her letter printed on 25 March 2015 are worth setting straight.

The writer claims that I allowed a convicted paedophile “privileged access” to parliamentary buildings.

This is completely false: he had an ordinary visitor’s pass, the same one which Samantha Lewis would obtain on arrival if she was visiting the Houses of Parliament.

I have scores of meetings with hundreds of people each year, including surgery appointments with convicted people seeking my help. Mr Breeze simply attended, with a number of other people, a meeting on insurance during which his past was not mentioned and was irrelevant to the meeting.

The article in the Sunday Mirror – a Labour-supporting paper – was a textbook smear job of guilt by association. It is unfortunate that someone has put such faith in red-top national tabloids whose business model relies upon deceiving the gullible.

Ms Lewis further claims that I have lenient views on child abuse. This too is completely false, and it is telling that she failed to back up her claim with the slightest shred of supporting evidence. I am not generally known as a social liberal, and it will come as no surprise to readers that I condemn each and every act of abuse against children and vulnerable people of any kind.

As for forgiveness, it is my Christian duty to forgive all those who seek repentance. This may be a bit radical for our modern liberal times, but I think our world would be a better place if our actions more closely matched the beliefs we profess.

Sir Edward Leigh