Politics - MP’s views are out of date

If his opinion regarding prayers before council meetings was correctly reported, (p7, Wed 21 Jan) it is clear that Sir Edward Leigh has overshot his Best-before Date as our MP.

Amongst other things he asserts that ‘lack of faith’ is leading young people to become jihadists whereas the converse is evidently the case: such terrorists all too often boast of very strong ‘faith’.

It is of course his prerogative to choose to hold an irrational belief in a supernatural being, but to suggest there would be positive benefits to uttering Judeo-Christian incantations before council meetings is preposterous.

Since public affirmations of any particular religious faith are bound to be divisive, (my holy book’s better than yours!) they should have no place in such secular meetings.

Furthermore to try to amend the Local Government Bill to accommodate his quirky, personal view almost certainly does not represent his constituency; it would be an outrage if it were not so sad.

On the other hand, what does Sir Edward have to say on the burning issue of the coming General Election? How does he propose to extricate the UK from the EU and revive EFTA? Probably best to elect somebody else to deal with that!

Dee de Wit