Politics - Market Rasen needs money

Councillor Summers? Looking at the other letters on the viewpoint page I not need to reply, but it is fun!

Yes I have been sacked. As a young man I was a “high flyer” and in my mid 20’s I was “head of department” for farm machinery in a national farmers’ supply company.

I disagreed with the General Manager’s plans for Divisional Management.

I was sacked.

The General Manager should have listened. He and the five new Divisional managers were all sacked a few weeks later and my previous employer recruited me back at considerably more money.

I am also pleased to say I worked for one organisation which hit the headlines a few years ago for its approach to management. The Chairman stated in a press interview

“ There is no room for sentiment in this business, none whatever.” He was running a business, not a benevolent society. That is how the Council should be run: As a lean machine for delivering service.

I did get the sack again some 20 years later. This time I was running a Computer Aided Design Sales team. For some five or six years we had been selling CAD systems to architects and engineers. Sale value varied from £20K to £50K a time at margins of 45 to 50%. Then came the 1989/90 recession and margins fell to 2 or 3%, if you were lucky. I compounded the problem by spending too much time chasing a single deal for £150,000+ which did not come off. The remedy included a short spell running a market stall to help pay the mortgage.

Cllr Summers is obviously an expert at telling farmers how much mancozeb, Unicur or Valbon to put on their onions. I just wish he would stick to what he understands.

If Cllr Summers did his sums, he would see his team will be leaving West Lindsey financially far, far worse off, to the tune of £ms, as a result of Conservative leadership over the last four years and their blind obsession with the Local Plan and ignoring the escalating pension deficit and other issues.

I would be ashamed of such performance.

Their support to LCC in building a horse bridge over the new Bypass at Cherry Willingham when the residents’ want a road bridge is surprising. Their determination to spend £Ms of potential WLDC Infrastructure Levy on the project is also questionable. The Bypass will benefit Lincoln, it will bring little benefit to West Lindsey and it will seriously inconvenience Cherry Willingham residents. So why spend our future CIL income on it?

A Better Business proposition would have been for our representatives on the Local Planning Group to say to Lincoln, “You want the Bypass, You find the money &You can find the money for a proper bridge in Cherry Willingham too”.

Why on earth should residents in Cherry Willingham, Market Rasen, Morton or Caistor fork out for Lincoln’s expansionist ambition.

Market Rasen needs the money far more than Lincoln. Perhaps Cllr Summers has not noticed?

Chris Darcel

Lincolnshire Independents PPC for Gainsborough