Politics - Keep the money in UK

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“Whatever the cost, Whatever it take.”

Words spoken for all to hear by MP David Cameron to all those poor people affected by the flooding and breaching of England’s sea defences.

What is the amount of aid on offer to these devastated by the loss of their buildings, goods and chattels and prime farmland?

No demand for council tax, £2 million for businesses, £10 million for farmers, whom incidentally have lost their homes and their livelihoods. WHOOPEE.

So, there you have it folks, Ebenezer Scrooge really is alive and well.

Before this gentleman was elected we were faithfully promised an English only Westminster Parliament and the repealing of several very unpopular and unfair legislations, including the hunting and smoking bans, and of course, a referendum on leaving the EU, not that we need one anyway, for we may leave today if we wish without any fuss or drama.

Besides this paltry pittance on offer, Mr Cameron is blaming the world and his dog for all the devastation from the sheep farmers on the hills, to global warming and climate change.

He rages against our most ancient and illustrious universities who refuse to capitulate on this issue and quite correctly, because there is absolutely no evidence to sustain this theory, all invented to force industry and the humble into paying billions into yet another GREEN STEALTH TAX.

Any carbon emissions created by us is wiped out instantly by any volcanic eruption, with Indonesia and Guatemala obliging by spewing out millions of tonnes right now as we speak.

What the Government refuses to say and what geology tells us for a fact is that England and Scotland are recovering from the last Ice Age.

The effect of the massive volume of ice was to compress the land, particularly in Scotland, which freed from its mighty burden is rising rapidly and thus tilting England downwards.

The South East, including the Thames basin and the City of London, are being bodily forced to sea level and below, because the Thames Barrier is all but now obsolete.

So, keep the money in England where it is needed Mr Cameron and follow the example of the Dutch, who themselves are constantly upgrading their defence and drainage systems.

Simple common sense or what?

Mrs G P Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor